Man in the Middle

Man in the Middle, by Jim Nelson

During the first week of the pandemic lock-down, a security guard starts seeing things he’s not supposed to see. All the while, he shows worrying symptoms he’s infected with COVID-19.

The Bridge Daughter Cycle: Books One to Three

The Bridge Daughter Cycle: Books One to Three by Jim Nelson

Kindle box set collection of
Bridge Daughter, Hagar’s Mother, & Stranger Son

“Smart, highly original, and emotionally brutal.” – John Blair, author of Bright Angel and American Standard

In My Memory Locked

They hired a cyberpunk detective to recover
the Internet’s stolen digital history.

They didn’t know his twisted past is the key to the crime.

Security expert C.F. Naroy is hired to stop hackers from destroying the only remaining preserved copy of the Old Internet—”Old” because the Internet has been replaced by the Nexternet, a technology that allows anyone to transmit instantly love, hate, outrage, joy…their very thoughts.

“No one tells a hard-boiled tale like Jim Nelson.” – Instant City

Stranger Son

The third book in the Bridge Daughter Cycle

Stranger Son by Jim Nelson

A Hagar desperate to locate her missing brother and reunite her family begins an arduous journey into the heart of her family’s deepest secrets. The search takes her from sprawling Los Angeles to the wealthy enclaves of California’s Central Coast to the rugged heart of Jefferson, America’s fifty-first state.

Hagar’s Mother

The anticipated sequel to Bridge Daughter

A woman’s daughters must bear her children

Single mother Hanna Driscoll struggles to raise her “bridge daughters,” twins born pregnant with Hanna’s children. In six weeks the girls will give birth and die, leaving Hanna with two infants to raise.

“A wonderful follow-up to Bridge Daughter…unlike anything I’ve read.” – Margaret P. Olson

Bridge Daughter

The first book in the Bridge Daughter Cycle

A young girl must bear her mother’s child

Young Hanna thinks her thirteenth birthday will be no different than the one before—until her mother explains the facts of life. Hanna is a “bridge daughter,” born pregnant with her parents’ child. In a few months she will give birth and die, leaving her parents with their true daughter.

“Hauntingly beautiful…a disturbing view of an alternate America.” – K. McCutchen, Amazon review

Edward Teller Dreams of
Barbecuing People

“My father studied thermonuclear reactions. He could explain Nagasaki at the subatomic level.”

Welcome to Livermore, California, the early 1980s. Gene Harland introduces you to a world of Cold War politics, swimming pools, crushy love, and genuine loss.

A Concordance of One’s Life

A Concordance of One's Life by Jim Nelson

“‘A Concordance of One’s Life’…lends itself quite easily to artistic interpretation because, in many ways, it’s about a struggle to find meaning.” – San Francisco Chronicle

A Concordance of One’s Life is Jim Nelson’s first collection of short fiction. Featuring ten stories, Nelson introduces you to a unique menagerie of fictive worlds that abut the fine edge of what’s possible and what lays just beyond while remaining intensely personal, quietly human, and deftly enjoyable.

Everywhere Man

Everywhere Man

“Nelson manages to merge two seemingly disparate worlds: the hard science of code and the creativity of fiction. The result is a fantastic story rendered unusually real.” – KQED Arts

It was a year ago today we discovered the Everywhere Man…

Join the search for a mysterious man obscured and faceless but omnipresent in millions of tourist photos taken along San Francisco’s historic cable car routes. Never identified, his anonymity quietly frustrates the fabric of the city’s digital history until the final explosive moment arrives when he can no longer be ignored.