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The anticipated sequel to
Bridge Daughter

A woman’s daughters
must bear her children

Single mother Hanna Driscoll struggles to raise her “bridge daughters,” twins born pregnant with Hanna’s children. In six weeks the girls will give birth and die, leaving Hanna with two infants to raise.

Then Hanna’s busy life is shaken when an activist threatens to rescue her daughters from their fate and kill the children they bear.

A thriller of twists and turns, Hanna faces challenges from all sides to protect her infants-to-be…only to discover she too questions the mortality of her bridge daughters.

Praise for Hagar’s Mother

“Fresh and brilliant…It has been a long time since a plot so thoroughly gripped my attention.” – Denise Lundall

“A wonderful follow-up to Bridge Daughterunlike anything I’ve read.” – Margaret P. Olson

I don’t often find a book quite as thought provoking as this one was. … I’ll definitely be buying the other books in this series.” – Shane’s Girl Loves Books

“This series is so fresh and different to other dystopian YA, as it is nature itself that is the ‘bad guy.’ It poses such complicated ethical dilemmas.” – Rebecca Carlsen

From the author

The Bridge Daughter Cycle continues with Hagar’s Mother, which picks up the story over thirty years after the finale of Bridge Daughter.

The Bridge Daughter Cycle is set in a world uncannily like our own. I want the presence of bridge daughters in familiar circumstances to jar the reader and reveal our culture from a new perspective. I love fiction that upends assumptions in surprising ways, and I sought to do that in this series.

Today we face new questions about sexuality, gender, reproduction—how we respect life and how we respect others. The Internet has opened and flattened our world in many ways. I wanted to write a modern thriller about life and death in a world filled with tensions between tradition and progress.

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