Book Three of the
Bridge Daughter Cycle

An abandoned woman fights
to reunite her family

STRANGER SON, the third book in the Bridge Daughter Cycle, picks up sixteen years after the events of Hagar’s Mother. A Hagar lives on the streets and in the halfway homes across Southern California. Her mother was sent to prison while her younger brother was put up for adoption.

Desperate to locate him, she begins an arduous journey into the heart of her family’s deepest secrets. The search takes her from sprawling Los Angeles to the wealthy enclaves of California’s Central Coast to the rugged heart of Jefferson, America’s fifty-first state. She must reunite her family while avoiding authorities, hiding her true nature—and staying alive.

Praise for Stranger Son

“I’ve really enjoyed the Bridge Daughter series and was thrilled to see the third book released recently. … Jim Nelson writes so sensitively about such a complicated topic.” – cakowalik, Amazon review

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