Hagar’s Mother entering the home stretch

It’s the final week for Hagar’s Mother on Kindle Scout!

If you’ve not nominated it yet, your last chance is Sunday, October 1st. Visit the campaign page and vote before it’s too late! At the campaign page you’ll have a chance to learn more about the book, download an excerpt, and read about its background.

And if Amazon selects the book for publication, you’ll receive a free digital copy.

New cover

If you nominated Hagar’s Mother earlier this month, you probably noticed the cover changed. The decision was mine and is purely cosmetic. Two weeks ago I decided to shake things up and offer readers a better idea of the book’s focus and subject matter.

Will I stick with the new cover in the final book? I’m not sure yet. I like the old one. It has a distant, almost whimsical feel to it, but am concerned that’s not the right message to convey.

At this moment, I’m simply eager to cross the finish line and hear back from Amazon their decision. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting the book into reader’s hands.

2 thoughts on “Hagar’s Mother entering the home stretch

  1. Eleanor Forman says:

    I greatly prefer the original cover. It draws the eye more invitingly. The new one looks impersonal, inviting the eye to skip over it. (BTW, both covers have the author’s name tend to fade into the background, although the title is fortunately quite clear.)

    • Thanks for the great comments, Eleanor. I’m still leaning toward the original myself. I’ll also look into making the author’s name more prominent color-wise. The nice thing about e-publishing is I can make these changes right up to the last minute.


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