Bridge Daughter available as Kindle and paperback

Bridge Daughter by Jim NelsonPraise for Bridge Daughter:

“A beautiful and compact novel that is both sweet and savage in turn. The most original and compelling novel I’ve read in years. … My favourite novel of 2016.”
Katherine Hayton, The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton and Breathe and Release

“A strong character, I found myself sympathizing with Hanna and rooting for her until the very end.”
The Hungry Bookworm

“A strong start to a potentially brilliant series.”
Jeanz Book Read ‘n’ Review

“Haunting and beautifully written…I could not put this book down.”
Anne Wagener, Borrow-A-Bridesmaid

“One of those books I can’t get out of my head, where I found myself thinking about it not only while I was reading it but even days and weeks later.”
– Heather F., 5-star Amazon review

If you enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale, or works by Margaret Atwood, I’d suggest picking this up.”
– Laura, 5-star Amazon review

“I read it with tears rolling down my face. … The story will stick with you long after you’ve read the last page.”
– RPurvis, 5-star Amazon review

“Don’t start this until your schedule is clear—you won’t be able to put it down.”
– Cynthia Ross, 5-star Amazon review

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Silverberg mingles his breezy autobiography of struggling to get published as a young man in the 1950s—the Golden Age of Science Fiction—with nuggets of practical writing advice he picked up along the way. All of this package is humbly offered to the reader. Even when penning the book in 1987, Silverberg remains in awe of Asimov, Bradbury, and Heinlein (“our Great Exception in almost everything”), although by that time Silverberg’s name was mentioned in the same breath as those masters, and more. … (continue reading)

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