Hagar’s Mother coming soon

Alas, Kindle Press took a pass on Hagar’s Mother (although their editors did pass on to me some rather complimentary and constructive comments).

No matter—I’ll be putting together Hagar’s Mother on my own and publish it soon on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions. Keep watching this space (and/or my Facebook and Twitter feeds) for news and updates.

Thank you for your support and patience with me over the past month during the Kindle Scout campaign. Book Two of the Bridge Daughter Cycle is on its way!

– Jim

2 thoughts on “Hagar’s Mother coming soon

  1. Andrea Beatrice Reed says:

    I’m curious—What were the complimentary and constructive comments?

    Were you aware that you can work on the manuscript, and then resubmit it for a second campaign? After you’ve taken into account what they suggested you change, the odds are surely in your favor that they’d publish Book Two after they’d already published Book One, which sells respectably.

    Have you decided which cover you’re going with, yet? I thought the first one was much more eye-catching, whereas the severity of the second one tends to make the eye turn away.

    • Unfortunately, one of their comments was that sequels don’t sell as well as the first in a series, which factored into their decision process. The good-news/bad-news of the situation is that they had no comments on the manuscript itself, saying it looked fine to them. From their comments, I don’t see how a second campaign could win them over.

      I’ll be going with the first cover, which has won near-unanimous votes from those I’ve polled.


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